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ParentPrimer: Bullying does not go away

ParentPrimer: Bullying does not go away

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Quote of the week: Are you green and growing-or ripe and rotting? Ray Kroc

Rumination: As we rush(or in some parts of the country, flood) into April, let us take a minute to keep green in our hearts. Green means youth, life, vitality, promise. Green is the colour of prosperity, of new beginnings, of wide and beckoning vistas. How are you keeping green? Are you keeping green? Are you turning grey, not your hair, but your outlook? Perhaps now is the time to take notes on lovely, dancing, green April and:
1. Meditate to bring inner peace.
2. Nourish to bring the body health.
3.Take a class to keep your mind young.
4. Help others to keep your soul fresh.
5. Exercise to bring vitality insider.

Mantra: Green inside, green outside, green all around me, green cover me.
Recipe: Green Envy Avocado Smoothie(good for skin, mind, spirit!)
In a blender, combine:
1 avocado, without skin
2 bananas2 cups oj
1 cup strawberries
1 cup orange sherbert
1 cup strawberry sherbert
2 tspns fish oil or cod liver oil
4 tbspns honey
3 tbspns brewer's yeast
1 cup ice

1. Stand up.
2. Bend forward over desk, kitchen sink etc for support.
3. Lift left leg behind you as far as comfortable.
4. Return to both feet on the floor.
5. Lift right leg behind you as far as comfortable.
6. Return both feet to the floor.
7. Repeat with each leg for a total of 4 repetitions per side.

Salutations: "Green, how I want you green. Green wind. Green branches." Federico Garcia Lorca. Perfectly get up and get green!

Bis vivit qui bene vivit!
Doula AngelitaSan Jose's Community Doula

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