Thursday, January 7, 2010

San Jose's Let's Go Princess! Programme

Inspired by recent stories on America's obesity epidemic, President Obama's call to service and the economic slump of the past two years, one woman is putting her best foot forward to help the women of San Jose to get into better mental and physical shape.

Doula Angelita, San Jose's Community Doula, is launching a walking program in March. Not just an ordinary exercise regimen, but a chance for women to connect, to share their burdens, to reach solutions and just to have sympathetic ears to listen to them.

"I envision this programme as a means of getting women out of the house, off the hamster wheel, and into a community event that is budget-friendly, good for heart, mind and soul, and a way to interact with other members of the community." says Doula Angelita.

The name, Let's Go Princess! is one of Doula Angelita's personal mantras, one that she uses when things are not going smoothly. "It actually comes from a phrase that Randy Couture, UFC champion uses on a commercial, but it so motivates me that I incorporate it into my everyday life," declares the doula. "If it motivates me I figured that it would motivate others as well, and so christened the programme with that name."

The Let's Go Princess! Programme will take place in the mall at Santana Row first, but Doula Angelita hopes to expand the programme to other area malls as well. "I am really excited to begin at the Santana Row mall; it is not only a beautiful location and well-suited for a walking club, it is easily accesible, and has a host of lovely shops and good, healthy foods like Amber India and Pasta Pomodoro. I cannot wait to get started, and I am working with the management at Santana Row to see if we can get some surprises for our walkers!"

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