Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Message, 2009

This has been a bad year in so many ways for so many of us. Loved ones abroad in foreign wars, no money in pockets, homes in foreclosure, spirits depressed, hearts in anguish. This year of turmoil ran roughshod over many of us, like a bull thrashing at a matador.

Still, we must needs go on. This is a spirit, a pathway of renewal, that lays open to us. There is the story of a Star, Wise Men, a Baby...where do we begin to fit in? What is our role? This year, in this hemisphere, a moon showed bright and silver, a sign perhaps of the importance of hope, a hope that does indeed give reason to this season.

And, so, on this eve of Christmas morn, let us refresh ourselves. Let us listen to the hoary carols with fresh ears. Let us draw closer to our loved ones and set aside the emails, blackberries, twitter and all else that causes us to be estranged fro that which we ought to hold so dear.

Presents they brought to Him, of gold, frankinsense, myrhh. What presents will we bring to those we love? What will be our presents to open? Are our minds, hearts, souls, so ravaged and putrid from reversals of fortune ready to receive the gifts that are given, not by large, self-important department stores, but by the small, still voice of truth?

This is the time. This is the year. Let us open to the call of renewal and to follow the path of light given to us.


Doula Angelita wishes each and every one a Happy Christmas, and hopes that this season is one of refreshment and renewal.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Exercise even when not outdoors!

Now that I am not in my friendly NoCal climate, I am definitely feeling the chill when stepping outside for my normal exercise routine. Frigid temperatures in the near-noughts do not invite me to take a brisk walk nor do anything else, really, that involves the Great Outdoors.

However, this does not mean that I abandon my routine and hibernate in the bedclothes until I return to beautiful, sunny San Jose!

What I recommend for my clients and for myself every day is to get in that exercise no matter the weather. Here is how I do it:

1. Walk in place for five minutes. Arms up and pumping, legs up as far as possible, this can be done while listening to music or watching tv.

2. Yoga. Great asanas/postures to do while indoors include frog poses, bridge pose, cobra pose...

3. Arm presses. Grab that gallon of milk and do reps at least ten in a row.

4. Belly dancing, and dancing in general. Put on the music full blast and you let yourself go for ten, fifteen minutes!

5. Play games. Ring around the mulberry bush, London Bridge, Duck, Duck, Goose, The wheels on the bus...there are hundreds of children's games that are interactive and will get the heart rate rising as well as make you laugh!

The best part of these exercises is that they can be done either alone or with the family so that everyone keeps moving and healthy!

These are a few of the tips that I have. The important thing is to mix and match, do what feels good, get moving and grooving!

This message was brought to you by Doula Angelita, trident doula/parenting coach/nutrition guide/women's issue advocate!--

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Christmas Kiss from Disney: The Princess and the Frog

When Disney's newest princess debuts tomorrow, she will be poised to make history as one of the most anticipated heroines of the Disney pantheon. "The Princess and the Frog" is the story of a hard-working girl who works two jobs to fund her dream of opening her own restaurant. In the process of carefully saving each penny, she comes across a wayward prince who needs her help to undo the spell cast on him by the devilishly charming Dr. Facilier...and before she knows it, she is off on an adventure through the byways and bayous of her beloved Louisiana.

Princess Tiana, voiced and patterned after the accomplished actress-singer Anika Noni Rose(The Ladies' No.1 Detective Agency) is an independent, feisty heroine, adored by her parents and surrounded by a large and loving family. She is diligent, focused and serious, in complete opposition to Prince Naveen(voice of Bruno Campos)a roué who fancies himself a ladies' man. Along the way, the couple find out about life, love and le hot jazz of the Big Easy.

With the vocal talents of the aforementioned Ms. Rose, Keith David, Dr. John,Terrance Blanchard, Randy Newman, Terrance Howard and Ms. Jenifer Lewis, "The Princess and the Frog" has been carefully crafted with an eye for detail and drawn in the traditionally sumptuous, fluid style signatory of the House of Mouse. Ne-yo, one of the up and coming vocalists of the year even has a song on the soundtrack. All of this artistry is to promote a movie that generated tons of buzz months before it was even released.

As to the controversial aspects of the film, it must be acknowledged that Disney has a lot to atone for, e.g. "Songs of the South". Some complain that Princess Tiana doesn't have enough screen time and others feel that Prince Naveen should be other than what he is. None of that matters in the long run; this is the big opening for more and more multicultural films to come through the studio. "The Princess and the Frog" is a wonderful entry into the new films that Disney ought to continue to promote in future: good, quality films with high production values, tight storylines, exotic locales, singable tunes and solid human values.

"The Princess and the Frog" is a luminously dewy paen to life as it used to be lived. It holds all the hope, humour and happiness that Christmas should have, and is a nice, sweetly innocent Christmas card from Disney to you...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Drink your fruits and veggies!

Just twittered one of the easiest ways to fulfill your daily requirements of fruits and vegetables: drink them. That's right, if you cannot stand the taste of many vegetables, pairing them with fruits and liquefying them is a most excellent solution.

Of course, this idea is nothing new. Jack Lalanne and Dr. Gayelord Hauser were staunch supporters of juicing and its benefits. One of the most popular products produced by V8 is the fruit blends series of juices which blend fruit and juice. Nothing, however, can reproduce the benefits of doing it yourself at home.

One benefit of doing it yourself is the fact that you can control which fruits and vegetables are paired, and how many are contained within the juice. Another benefit is the fact that several batches can be created throughout a week or even during one day. Ease of use and convenience are other points in favour of home juicing.

A juicer is one of the best presents that one could have in aid of good health. Why not put one on your Christmas list and give some as gifts this season? Good health is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving!


Doula Angelita, San Jose's Community Doula, is a trident doula, parenting coach, nutrition guide and women's advocate.

She is currently accepting clients and can be reached via email:

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#Yoga108 today!

In a wonderful park, on this glorious day,
I lay out my mat, clearing my mind.
All stresses and troubles clouding my mind
banished, pushed to the edges.
Deep inhalations, deeper exhalations
aid the process.
Doubts have no place here.
Stretching my muscles
feeling the pull and expansion of tissues and sinews,
mind, body, soul working together
with purpose.

Doula Angelita, San Jose's Community Doula, is now welcoming clients for December. Please contact her: and follow her on twitter:

Cyber Monday Idea Plan from Doula Angelita

With the holiday season fast approaching, many people are wondering what to buy for friends and relatives, co-workers, church group members, and neighbors. This decision is usually made more difficult when the person either has it all or is not well-known to the gifter.

Relax. The stress will be gone, and tension melts away when you make a quick trip to paypal which will allow you to send a gift certificate of doula services to the recipient of your choice.

Not only is this gift unisex, it will save both the recipient and the giver time and hassle. New dad anxious about his role?Mom-to-be needs childbirth education classes on-site at work? Mom and Dad need some creative ways to handle Junior? Mom needs active labour support? Dad is wondering how to help out around the house?

Doula Angelita has it well in hand. Using critical thinking skills, wit and with more than five years of experience, Doula Angelita provides support, comfort and solutions to parents and parents-to-be.

With a variety of services, from hand massage to postpartum help, lectures, readings and workshops, there is a service to fit every situation.

So, relax, do not stress, take a moment to take care of your gifting needs by contacting Doula Angelita today!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Use your noodle this Thanksgiving...

This Thanksgiving, when attending the big dinner, go prepared. Don't walk blindly into the room and then sit down and eat half the table, all the desserts and then roll around with a stomachache for hours. Bring a plan, be classy, and the rest will work itself out.

1. Drink water. Before, during and after the meals. There are now flavored waters, so no excuses.

2. Bring a hostess gift. Good manners cost nothing. Yes, this still applies even if it is "just" your mom or Aunt Gladys.

3. Don't be a lump. Offer to help, and be helpful without having to be asked. Volunteer to wash dishes, set the table, take out the garbage. Use your imagination and good common sense.

4. Be a gracious guest. Neither the food nor the conversation should you hog.

5. Be ready for gracious, thoughtful conversation. Participate in the conversation, be tactful, do not be bossy, do not get into fisticuffs of either a physical nor verbal type.

6. Half your plate needs to be vegetables. Half.

7. Choose colours: squash, pumpkin, potatoes, green beens, beets, rice...the list of vegetables is endless. Put different colours on your plate. Half the plate.

8. Meat: 3 pieces. three.

9. After dinner, go for a walk. It doesn't have to be a three-hour tour, but it should get the blood moving so that digestion can occur.

10. Before you go for seconds, have a cup of green tea and/or a full glass of water. This also will get the digestion moving and help with moving the food along.

Be safe and have a wonderful, thankful and peaceful Thanksgiving!


Doula Angelita is a trident doula with more than five years of experience in helping women before, during and after pregnancy. She also does parenting coaching, nutrition guidance and women's health issues.

Doula Angelita is currently welcoming new clients. Please contact her:

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Stress-busters

As we all know, the holiday season is almost upon us. Not only does this bring joy, but also stress, anguish and in some cases, depression. What can one do to avoid such negativity and to drink of the happiness nectar of the holiday season?

Give yourself time. Some people get so caught up in the whirl-a-gig momentum of the holidays that their feet never touch the ground. Set your own pace, go to the parties that you want to go to, if you are cooking a big Thanksgiving feast, give yourself full permission to recruit "volunteers" to help with the clean-up.

Keep yourself rested and relaxed. Easier said than done, naturally, but the important thing is to have a go-to strategy: yoga, turning off the "crackberry", putting your feet up on the hassock, a cool compress on the forehead.....

Hydrate, hydrate, and was it mentioned-hydrate? This is a crucial bit of advice which usually flies out of the window at the appearance of the first eggnog or mulled wine. Now, more than ever, keep that (recyclable, right?) bottle of water in your purse and sip,sip, sip, sip throughout the day, throughout the party, throughout the night, etc.

De-stress through defusing. If you know that you are going into a lion's den....don't. Unless you have an angel with a flaming sword to protect you, the stress and heartache is simply not worth it, whether it is a critical mother, inattentive father, loudmouth aunt or bothersome brother, ask yourself: what do you get out of this? Is your relationship any the better for your presence? If the answer is no, then gather together with friends who are really there for you. If that toxic co-worker gets started, walk away. It's the holidays; give yourself a treat.

Vegetables. If you have no other recourse, grab a case of V8 or your Jack Lalane juicer and get to work. Begin and end your day with V8(you can cut it with juice if you like; I use unsweetended apple juice or orange juice); you cannot go wrong and it may well be the one thing that turns out well during the holidays.

Keep up with exercise. Walking groups, yoga, bellydancing, karate, Total Body Sculpt with Gilad: it does not really matter what it is, just keep on schedule and keep moving to promote health and to detoxify the body, especially with rich holiday foods.

Keep sane, keep healthy and keep well during this Thanksgiving season.
May you be healthy, happy and sane during the holiday season! Thank you for your support!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

No more Monday Blues!

Have a Happy Monday!


If you, like me, are a fan of the classic movie "Office Space", you groan along with our hapless worker bee when a co-worker cheerily and cheekily says, "Looks like a case of the Mondays."

Well, take heart and pluck courage, no longer will anyone accuse you of having a case of the Mondays when you log onto the site No, that bit of code at the top of the post is not random bits of scrambled nonsense. Rather, it is information to paste onto your own blogs and to pass along to others. Do one nice thing is a call to arms and action: let's not gather around the water cooler and have a moan, let's get to work and help others, for a few minutes at least.

From sending postcards to wounded soldier to purchasing new underwear for the homeless, founder Debbie Tenzer and her team keep on top of the best and most expansive ways to help others. Recommending good deed ideas as well as profiling those who do them is one way that Debbie does good for the world, one small act of kindness at a time.So, dropkick those Monday blues and put on your kindness shoes and log onto now!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Lady of California has 10 steps to better health for children

First Lady of California Maria Shriver has issued ten steps to increase children's health index. These are easy to implement, fun and family-friendly tips which will have both you and your children up and moving, while giving back to the community. For more information, go to the First Lady's website:


1. Start your day with breakfast.

2. Drink lost of water.

3. Eat five or more fruits and vegetables every day.

4. Make healthy snacks to eat after-school.

5. Do not overeat. Be mindful of portion distortion!

6. If you drink milk, make it low-fat or non-fat milk.

7. Get active for one hour every day! Do what moves you for 60 minutes!

8. Spend less time on your computer, watching TV or playing video games.

9. Treat your body right-it will last you a lifetime.

10. Volunteer! It gets you moving and feels great!

DOULA ANGELITA( is currently accepting new clients and very much appreciates your referrals of women before, during and after pregnancy and birth.

DOULA ANGELITA writes articles for the San Jose Examiner family and parenting section on birth, parenting, nutrition and women's issues.

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Be Informed.

Be Confident.

Be Empowered.

Birth into Motherhood with Doula Angelita!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Doulas are essential for new mothers

Doulas are an integral part of the new mothers life, yet many mothers reject the aid, assistance and comfort that having a doula can bring.
Anyone who has experienced the joys of a new baby can also attest to the steep learning curve that comes with the responsibility of the new little one. Pile on the lack of sleep, the getting to know your baby's personality and clues, the struggle to heal after childbirth and to adjust to your new body and new role, and this can be a delicate time for the new mother.
At this time, a doula is equipped to provide immediate relief and to lend a sympathetic ear. Her experience with babies proves invaluable when applied to the situation of the new baby at the home.
It is prudent to be careful with resouces, but weigh carefully being overly cautious against getting a best start to motherhood.

Doula Angelita writes a column for the San Jose Examiner on birth, parenting, nutrition and women's issues. Please visit my column, subscribe and comment!
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009



A red tent…mother’s voices…intimacy…truth.

After BOLD’s(Birth On Labor Day) hugely successful RED TENT EVENT in 2006, the organizers thought: “Why not have BOLD RED TENT EVENTS around the world?”

BOLD is an organization that is dedicated to preserving women’s birth choices as well as their access to comprehensive medical care and treatment.

BOLD’S RED TENT EVENT concept is simple: gather women under a “RED TENT”(the safe space created by women for women)to listen to mothers’ birth stories and then record their stories in film, via written word or visual expression as part of BOLD’S LIBRARY OF BIRTH TRUTHS!

BOLD’S RED TENT EVENT SAN DIEGO is an excellent opportunity for showcasing community birth stories and resources.

For this reason, Doula Angelita of RESURGAM BIRTHINGWELL8899 is promoting this event as an opportunity for San Jose to shine by gathering a delegation of San Jose’s finest businesses together in an impressive display of the varied array of organizations working together for maternal-fetal health. In addition, Doula Angelita has already put in her bid for SAN JOSE to host a BOLD RED TENT EVENT in 2010, and this will be a nice way to pass the torch!

BOLD’S RED TENT EVENT SAN DIEGO will be held on 18 October 2009, at the La Jolla Women’s Club..

For more information, please contact Doula Angelita, promoter, at 408.890.6380, or at, or Ms. Stephanie Entin, at 310.985.9985, or at

Monday, September 28, 2009

Homebirth in Ohio

The following is an open letter to the birth community from a family in Ohio who is being prosecuted for having a healthy child born at home. This is a case which I have been following and will continue to follow. It is of serious import and for that reason I am publishing the letter as is, with no further commentary nor addendum.

One note: it is the family's wish that help be sent to them, but NOT TO HAVE ANY MASS ORGANIZING. This is to preserve the hope that the prosecutor may drop charges against the family if the office is NOT deluged with angry, outraged letters.

Let us all do something to help this family to keep body and soul together....

### #### #####


As many of you may know, we had our pre-trial hearing this morning. We were hoping once the lawyers got a chance to hash things out, the charges would be dismissed. That was not the case. The prosecutor offered us a plea-bargain for the charge of disorderly conduct, a fourth-degree misdemeanor. As much as my husband and I would love to close this horrible chapter of our lives and put it behind us, we didn't take the plea. First of all, we are not guilty of anything, and don't want a guilty plea following us around for the rest of our lives. Second of all, we felt that a guilty plea would validate the charges against us. Also, I thought that a guilty plea would give the impression that homebirth is wrong, and possibly open the door for other families to be prosecuted.

Right now, we don't have a trial date, and there is still a possibility that the charges could be dropped before going to trial. I want to consult further with my lawyer before involving the media, or unleashing a firestorm of letters and calls to the prosecutor. I just wanted to update everybody with what's going on and let everybody know what they can do to help.

This is always the hard part for me, as I'm not comfortable asking for things, but so many people keep asking how they can help, and we do need help, so I'm learning a lesson in humility. Obviously this is affecting us financially since we are a single income family, and my husband's hours at work have been reduced indefinitely. So far this whole fiasco has cost us $6427 in legal and medical bills. To pay our attorney, we took a $4000 cash advance on a credit card (at 20% interest). We have already raised quite a bit through fundraisers and individual donations, and we are grateful to everybody who has helped us so far. Paypal donations can be made to . You can also e-mail any questions to that address.

I know some people may be hesitant about sending cash, and I completely understand. Anything that saves us money on things we regularly have to buy would help too. Gift cards for groceries, gas, restaurants, clothes, etc are definitely welcomed. Also we definitely won't turn down local people who feel like dropping by with a pizza, bucket of chicken or a bag of your kids' old clothes!

There are also plenty of ways to help that are FREE!
-Send us your prayers and positive thoughts!
-Help out with a fundraiser.
- Be supportive of other families who make choices that may seem out of the ordinary to you.

I started a Facebook group page as a means to keep everybody updated.

Please feel free to repost this message on Facebook, e-mail or any forums where it will enlist more supporters for our cause. Please do not alter the message in any way, except to remove anything that may be a violation of the TOS of the site you post it (namely fundraising info).

It's time for us to stand up for our rights as women, parents and law abiding citizens who don't want the government trampling on our rights to live and raise our families as we choose! If they succeed with prosecuting us, it won't stop there.

Good manners are good sense

As a trident doula/parenting coach/nutrition guide/women's issue advocate, I am deeply involved in the education of children.

From good interpersonal relations to spotless dining technique, manners are the best way to get along with others, show respect even affection and establish yourself and your place in the world with confidence and elan.

From an early age, teaching children manners is an important goal of parents. Even very young toddlers can say "Please" and "thank you". Young toddlers can also help out around the house, setting the table and helping to sort laundry. Constant reminders and daily demonstration of the target behaviours are essential for success.

As children grow older, they become more independent. This is the time to emphasize that manners are something that define you. Beyond the basics, tweens and teens should be able to politely answer the telephone and take accurate messages, make and accept introductions, have adequate table manners, speak in complete sentences and make some small talk, think of the feelings of others, etc.

Once children hit high school and college, all of these skills will come to the fore. Interviews, college tours, debate clubs, etc will put to the test how well children have been taught-and how much they have absorbed. One important aspect that distinguishes the polite and the polished from the gauche and garish is experience. Manners must be practiced and practiced often to become an effective and effortless part of a child's repertoire.

Even in adulthood, the same holds true. One may pay thousands to learn queenly manners, but if never used, it is a princely sum wasted. Taking children to a variety of settings in which to practice their manners is to give them a solid foundation for their future.


Creating a Homework Nook for your Child

The success of a homework nook takes into account the child's learning and comfort style and the amount of room needed to complete assignments. A homework nook is the child's place to do homework, work on projects, etc. It is very important to have all materials needed to complete assignments as well as the opportunity to interact with your child during homework time that render a homework nook successful.

Here are a few suggestions for creating and maintaining a quality homework nook:

1. Adequate space for both books(even one book at a time) and homework paper, pencils, pens, rulers.

2. Adequate space around the computer.

3. Good lighting.

4. Some children need complete quiet to concentrate, while others need to have the hustle and bustle of the kitchen.

5. Music should be of the classical variety. No words and melodic. A soft volume is best. Again, this does not work with every child. Some children need complete quiet.

6. The television should NOT be on, nor even in the same room with the child, if at all possible.

7. There should be easy access to the room, to ensure that the child is on-task and not distracted, as well as to provide for easy communication with adults.

8. As with bedtime, there should be a homework routine established from the start: home, change clothes, snack, wash hands, begin homework, for example. It should be adhered to even if there is a sitter.

9. The homework nook should have a good air supply, or let the the child take a 2-5 minute air break between subjects.

10. The homework nook should be as inviting as possible, and be adequately stocked. Soft cushioned chairs, organizational materials, and a sense of purpose will lend the homework nook the proper air of both invitation and study that is required.

Homework nooks are good ways to get children as young as first grade into proper work habits and postures. By creating a homework nook together with your child, you are both assured that the school year will get off to a great start!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sorry, I just cannot countenance that...

I am a mother who has attended playdate with mothers who imbibe, with a pitcher of martinis, a pitcher of sangria, coolers of beer, and so forth.

Recently, I was asked to comment on my feelings for this practice. At first, the only thing I could say definitely was that I am not in favour of this practice. There are many lovely venues when such spirits would be welcome, but not at a playdate.

I am a doula/parenting coach/nutrition guide and women's issue advocate. I am a mother of two, so I can well understand the need to get a lift, or to get away from it all, or to just take a break.

However, I am very uncomfortable with the idea of adults being around children and drinking. The adults are the caretakers, the ones to ensure safety, stability and fairness. One reason that I am uncomfortable is that we all need to be responsible for our own children and their safety. If something happens, having to state that alcohol was involved is not good for anyone involved. It is no good to say to me that "So-and-So will be the designated mom who won't drink." That is no solution; that is simply finding a scapegoat.

Second, I feel that if one needs to have a glass of wine, or a mojito, that is best done in the company of adults. Many times the children want to drink the same thing as mommy, or the children are ostensibly unaware of what is going on, but influence is a subtle and tricky thing. Moreover, the point is, to enjoy adult spirits in the company of adults is one thing. To mix children and alcohol is not a good thing. Period. Full stop.

Third, and very serious for me, is the fact that I am not comfortable with the fact that adults are inebriated around children. Everyone "holds" their liquor differently; I am not conversant with everyone's style. Hence, the nice mother may have a couple of martinis and become an "ugly drunk". Factor in tiredness, dieting practices, stress, and weather and the same lady who could polish off one or two drinks with no problem will become loud and boisterous.

Fourth. I am not a prude. I was raised in a house where wine was served with dinner, and the children had a very watered down sip. The difference between that experience and "mommytails" is that I notice that where drinking united the family and complemented the experience of communal dining, "mommytails" is an exclusionary activity where mothers do their thing and children do another. In my experience, it is an expression of the desire to flee from the responsibility of motherhood.

In conclusion, I must add that I do believe in small medicinal sips of stimulants on occasion, and the glass of wine, as the Bible says, "to gladden the heart". I do not believe in a pitcher of martinis with children around.

So, there is my answer. As San Jose's Community Doula, I never shirk the issues, and when I am asked a question I have to give a straight answer.

So, until the next issue arises:


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Snapshot! Business advice for Doulas!

My top 5 tips for networking are:

1. Think pink! Be up, be excited, be positive.

2. Practice your pitch in front of the mirror. Practice everything, including your laugh. Practice with your game day outfit on.

3. Practice your approach. Moderate pace, firm handshake, saying your name in a slightly elevated, calm, articulated way. "John Smith" should be John(pause) Smith.

4. Rehearse the encounter, and think about all the possible questions that could occur. Prepare answers accordingly.

5. Layout all materials the night before: clothes, shoes, an executive padfolio, business card case stocked with clean cards, breath spray and breath mints.....

Green Blessings,

Doula Angelita

Sunday, September 13, 2009


A red tent..mothers' voices...intimacy...truth.

After BOLD New York's hugely successful RED TENT EVENT in 2006, the thinking was: Why not have BOLD RED TENT EVENTS around the world throughout the year?

BOLD, or Birth On Labour Day, is an organization that is devoted to compiling the birth experiences of women and ensuring that each woman has access to the birth she desires with comprehensive maternity care. BOLD'S RED TENT concept is simple: gather women under a red tent to list to mothers' birth stories and then record their stories in film, written word or visual expression as part of the BOLD LIBRARY OF BIRTH TRUTHS.

A BOLD RED TENT EVENT is an excellent opportunity for women throughout the world to be BOLD anytime of the year, and to showcase your community's local birth stories.

I am so proud to announce that we here in California are so fortunate to have been chosen to host a BOLD RED TENT EVENT!

On 18 OCTOBER 2009, in La Jolla, California, there will be a BOLD RED TENT EVENT! This is the perfect time to come, meet with your fellow birth professionals, show your wares, put a name with a face, have fun, do yoga, learn short, to mingle and comingle with the tribe of sisters who are celebrating birth in all its mysteries, glories, pains and joys!

Ms. Stephanie Entin is organizer/hostess of the event, and both she and I would love to have you-especially if you want a table to showcase your baby-related items!

Contact: Ms. Stephanie Entin, 310. 985.9985

On a personal note, I would really like to have a spectacular showing of birth professional from all over the Golden State! I will be there, so I urge you to look over your October calendar and to put a big RED CIRCLE around the 18th for California's BOLD RED TENT EVENT!

Greenest of blessings to you all for a wonderful week!


The recent answer to "Who Am I?"

I am a trident doula/parenting coach/nutrition guide/women's issue advocate firmly committed to helping women wherever they are along the childbearing continuum. I pride myself on being San Jose's Community Doula! and love to offer all my knowledge and expertise to them, and love working with other birth professionals to help women blossom into the mothers they secretly want to be.

Born to a Caribbean family of healers and women's advocates, I have found my path and vocation as a doula. I am also studying to be a midwife; have EMT training and nurse assistant experience, constantly learn/lecture/write about birth and have a wonderful time being both wife and mother in beautiful sunny San Jose!


Friday, September 11, 2009

...And this is what I do.

The telephone rings in the middle of the night. I answer, thinking that it might be a client. It was; she was a new mother who was at the breaking point. I listened as she poured out her troubles in between sobs: she had picked a fight with her husband, the baby was screaming, but she could produce no milk, she hadn't showered in a week, she couldn't remember the last time that she ate, and her mother-in-law was "too busy" to help her.

I told her to drink some mother's milk tea, go wash her face, sit down and hold the baby calmly. I waited on the phone while she did this. Eventually, the baby calmed down and that took some of the edge off. She calmed down enough to agree to try to sleep. I told her I would be over to her house in the morning by 10A.

In the morning, I showed up to her house with care plan in hand. One, she needed to hire Dana's Housekeeping. Next, she needed to follow up with her midwife at Kaiser Permanente in San Jose. After that, I would pick up her prenatal prescription from Senter Pharmacy(she had neglected to take her prenatal postpartum). Then, a call would be put into Stephanie, one of the local La Leche League counselors in San Jose, to get both her and the baby connected to other mothers. Lastly, I said that I would contact my good friend Maureen of Birth, Babies and Beyond to see if she could tag team this client with me, ensuring that she was able to get the proper rest, nourishment and bonding time that was sorely missing from her life.

Also, I asked her permission and received it to give her the number to the Almaden Institute, so that she and her husband could get some help before a real rift ensued. She was so grateful: I held her baby while she drank tea, and ate breakfast for the first time in a week! While I was there, she took a shower, washed her hair, picked up in the living room, threw laundry into the machine, and fell asleep, exhausted, on the sofa.

This is what I do; this is how I help women every day-and I love it, San Jose!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome to My Blog!

As many of you know, I am a doula/parenting coach/nutrition guide/women's issue advocate. I also Twitter, blog, teach, read, speak on, and attend births.

I consider myself to be a student of birth and the wonder of creation. My aspiration include becoming a familiar voice/face of birth, a living resource that enables women to, as my business motto states, "BE INFORMED. BE CONFIDENT. BE EMPOWERED. BIRTH INTO MOTHERHOOD WITH DOULA ANGELITA!"

Enough of me, though.

The focus of this blog is on the women in the communities, the women who often have questions and are wondering where to go for answers.

This blog is intended as a resource for all those who are involved in birth: mothers, doulas, midwives, doctors, physical therapists, etc.

Anyone can twitter me a question or post it on the blog and I will answer it.

This blog is also for those women who may think that their health care provider is great...because they do not know any differently.

This blog is for those who wonder if they should change providers during pregnancy, those who want a homebirth, those who want a total medicalized birth, those who breastfeed and those who formula feed....and for all mother in between.

In other words, dear readers, this blog is for YOU, the future mothers, the current mothers, the struggling parents,...wherever you are, whatever you do, this blog is for you.

Thank you for reading: Greenest of Blessings to you!