Wednesday, October 7, 2009



A red tent…mother’s voices…intimacy…truth.

After BOLD’s(Birth On Labor Day) hugely successful RED TENT EVENT in 2006, the organizers thought: “Why not have BOLD RED TENT EVENTS around the world?”

BOLD is an organization that is dedicated to preserving women’s birth choices as well as their access to comprehensive medical care and treatment.

BOLD’S RED TENT EVENT concept is simple: gather women under a “RED TENT”(the safe space created by women for women)to listen to mothers’ birth stories and then record their stories in film, via written word or visual expression as part of BOLD’S LIBRARY OF BIRTH TRUTHS!

BOLD’S RED TENT EVENT SAN DIEGO is an excellent opportunity for showcasing community birth stories and resources.

For this reason, Doula Angelita of RESURGAM BIRTHINGWELL8899 is promoting this event as an opportunity for San Jose to shine by gathering a delegation of San Jose’s finest businesses together in an impressive display of the varied array of organizations working together for maternal-fetal health. In addition, Doula Angelita has already put in her bid for SAN JOSE to host a BOLD RED TENT EVENT in 2010, and this will be a nice way to pass the torch!

BOLD’S RED TENT EVENT SAN DIEGO will be held on 18 October 2009, at the La Jolla Women’s Club..

For more information, please contact Doula Angelita, promoter, at 408.890.6380, or at, or Ms. Stephanie Entin, at 310.985.9985, or at

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