Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Lady of California has 10 steps to better health for children

First Lady of California Maria Shriver has issued ten steps to increase children's health index. These are easy to implement, fun and family-friendly tips which will have both you and your children up and moving, while giving back to the community. For more information, go to the First Lady's website:


1. Start your day with breakfast.

2. Drink lost of water.

3. Eat five or more fruits and vegetables every day.

4. Make healthy snacks to eat after-school.

5. Do not overeat. Be mindful of portion distortion!

6. If you drink milk, make it low-fat or non-fat milk.

7. Get active for one hour every day! Do what moves you for 60 minutes!

8. Spend less time on your computer, watching TV or playing video games.

9. Treat your body right-it will last you a lifetime.

10. Volunteer! It gets you moving and feels great!

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