Friday, March 5, 2010

One of the reasons that this small digest is continuing long after February is over is due to a recent study conducted by researchers for Circulation, a journal of the American Heart Association. Not only because of pride at being a Heart Health Ambassador, but because the Go Red! campaign is the American Heart Association's passionate and powerful campaign to address the heartfelt needs of the women of the United States.

Go Red! is a lifestyle, a way of thinking about daily, weekly, monthly, yearly improvements that will contribute to better health and better lives for women. Go RED! is a way to reward and to thank, all the women, of all colours, races and creeds, who have enriched my life, and enriched the lives of others. In so many cases, the women of the family are the real heartbeats, the vital organs that sustain and maintain strong and healthy families.

Therefore, in reviewing the following information, keep in mind that for every one woman who suffers from heart disease that is untreated, an entire family may suffer, a neighbourhood suffers, work suffers, and the graveyards fill too soon with women who should have been the artists, thinkers, mothers, aunts, writers, leaders of our generation:

*81.1 million people are living with heart disease*60 percent of Caucasian women knew that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women*Less than half of the minority respondents seemed aware of that fact.*Most women were unaware of strategies to prevent heart disease.*25-34 year old women were not aware of the prevalence of heart disease among women.*Only 56 percent of women could ID symptoms of heart disease.*Only 53 percent of women would call 911 if they thought they had a heart attack.*51 percent of women said that family/caregiving responsibilities prevented them from taking better care of themselves.*42 percent were confused as to what steps to take to better their cardiovascular health.

In silent anguish, women suffer. Because of their suffering in silence, they lose the opportunity to restore themselves to health..

For this reason, this digest as a blueprint for improving heart health weekly.Additionally, this digest will address the issues that prevent women from achieving optimal cardiovascular health.Finally, this digest will serve as both a goad and an encouraging source to continuously improve upon heart health.


1.So, the major thing to do this week is to go to :
In ten minutes, you will have a concrete set of numbers and figures for you to ponder and to be your guideline for the weeks ahead.

2. The next thing to do this week is to put pen to paper and chart your schedule for the week, paying special attention to diet and exercise.

With all my heart, I am rooting for your good health,
From my heart to yours,

Doula Angelita

San Jose's Heart Health Ambassador

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