Monday, November 30, 2009

Drink your fruits and veggies!

Just twittered one of the easiest ways to fulfill your daily requirements of fruits and vegetables: drink them. That's right, if you cannot stand the taste of many vegetables, pairing them with fruits and liquefying them is a most excellent solution.

Of course, this idea is nothing new. Jack Lalanne and Dr. Gayelord Hauser were staunch supporters of juicing and its benefits. One of the most popular products produced by V8 is the fruit blends series of juices which blend fruit and juice. Nothing, however, can reproduce the benefits of doing it yourself at home.

One benefit of doing it yourself is the fact that you can control which fruits and vegetables are paired, and how many are contained within the juice. Another benefit is the fact that several batches can be created throughout a week or even during one day. Ease of use and convenience are other points in favour of home juicing.

A juicer is one of the best presents that one could have in aid of good health. Why not put one on your Christmas list and give some as gifts this season? Good health is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving!


Doula Angelita, San Jose's Community Doula, is a trident doula, parenting coach, nutrition guide and women's advocate.

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