Monday, November 23, 2009

Use your noodle this Thanksgiving...

This Thanksgiving, when attending the big dinner, go prepared. Don't walk blindly into the room and then sit down and eat half the table, all the desserts and then roll around with a stomachache for hours. Bring a plan, be classy, and the rest will work itself out.

1. Drink water. Before, during and after the meals. There are now flavored waters, so no excuses.

2. Bring a hostess gift. Good manners cost nothing. Yes, this still applies even if it is "just" your mom or Aunt Gladys.

3. Don't be a lump. Offer to help, and be helpful without having to be asked. Volunteer to wash dishes, set the table, take out the garbage. Use your imagination and good common sense.

4. Be a gracious guest. Neither the food nor the conversation should you hog.

5. Be ready for gracious, thoughtful conversation. Participate in the conversation, be tactful, do not be bossy, do not get into fisticuffs of either a physical nor verbal type.

6. Half your plate needs to be vegetables. Half.

7. Choose colours: squash, pumpkin, potatoes, green beens, beets, rice...the list of vegetables is endless. Put different colours on your plate. Half the plate.

8. Meat: 3 pieces. three.

9. After dinner, go for a walk. It doesn't have to be a three-hour tour, but it should get the blood moving so that digestion can occur.

10. Before you go for seconds, have a cup of green tea and/or a full glass of water. This also will get the digestion moving and help with moving the food along.

Be safe and have a wonderful, thankful and peaceful Thanksgiving!


Doula Angelita is a trident doula with more than five years of experience in helping women before, during and after pregnancy. She also does parenting coaching, nutrition guidance and women's health issues.

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