Monday, September 28, 2009

Creating a Homework Nook for your Child

The success of a homework nook takes into account the child's learning and comfort style and the amount of room needed to complete assignments. A homework nook is the child's place to do homework, work on projects, etc. It is very important to have all materials needed to complete assignments as well as the opportunity to interact with your child during homework time that render a homework nook successful.

Here are a few suggestions for creating and maintaining a quality homework nook:

1. Adequate space for both books(even one book at a time) and homework paper, pencils, pens, rulers.

2. Adequate space around the computer.

3. Good lighting.

4. Some children need complete quiet to concentrate, while others need to have the hustle and bustle of the kitchen.

5. Music should be of the classical variety. No words and melodic. A soft volume is best. Again, this does not work with every child. Some children need complete quiet.

6. The television should NOT be on, nor even in the same room with the child, if at all possible.

7. There should be easy access to the room, to ensure that the child is on-task and not distracted, as well as to provide for easy communication with adults.

8. As with bedtime, there should be a homework routine established from the start: home, change clothes, snack, wash hands, begin homework, for example. It should be adhered to even if there is a sitter.

9. The homework nook should have a good air supply, or let the the child take a 2-5 minute air break between subjects.

10. The homework nook should be as inviting as possible, and be adequately stocked. Soft cushioned chairs, organizational materials, and a sense of purpose will lend the homework nook the proper air of both invitation and study that is required.

Homework nooks are good ways to get children as young as first grade into proper work habits and postures. By creating a homework nook together with your child, you are both assured that the school year will get off to a great start!

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