Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome to My Blog!

As many of you know, I am a doula/parenting coach/nutrition guide/women's issue advocate. I also Twitter, blog, teach, read, speak on, and attend births.

I consider myself to be a student of birth and the wonder of creation. My aspiration include becoming a familiar voice/face of birth, a living resource that enables women to, as my business motto states, "BE INFORMED. BE CONFIDENT. BE EMPOWERED. BIRTH INTO MOTHERHOOD WITH DOULA ANGELITA!"

Enough of me, though.

The focus of this blog is on the women in the communities, the women who often have questions and are wondering where to go for answers.

This blog is intended as a resource for all those who are involved in birth: mothers, doulas, midwives, doctors, physical therapists, etc.

Anyone can twitter me a question or post it on the blog and I will answer it.

This blog is also for those women who may think that their health care provider is great...because they do not know any differently.

This blog is for those who wonder if they should change providers during pregnancy, those who want a homebirth, those who want a total medicalized birth, those who breastfeed and those who formula feed....and for all mother in between.

In other words, dear readers, this blog is for YOU, the future mothers, the current mothers, the struggling parents,...wherever you are, whatever you do, this blog is for you.

Thank you for reading: Greenest of Blessings to you!

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